The Dealer Playbook, hosted by Michael Cirillo, explores what it takes to create a thriving career within the retail automobile industry.

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About Michael

Michael Cirillo is on a mission to help dealerships, OEMs, and vendors execute tactical strategies that result in sustainable growth. As an internationally-acclaimed speaker, consultant, and strategist, he is known for his ability to engage and excite live audiences.

He works worldwide with dealers and fortune 500 companies, helping them bridge the gap between marketing and sales while improving customer relationships and brand loyalty.

With listeners in over 60 countries, The Dealer Playbook Podcast features weekly interviews with esteemed business moguls, best-selling authors, and noteworthy dealers. Each episode exposes the listener to new ideas that will help them improve their sales, marketing, culture, and operations.

Michael’s book, “Don’t Wait, DOMINATE!” premiered as a #1 best-seller and is praised for its down-to-earth approach to dealership digital marketing.

Who Recommends Michael

Marcus Sheridan reviews Michael Cirillo

“Michael Cirillo gets it. He sees around the curve and is telling dealers what they need to do to be ready for the future. I strongly recommend you pay attention if you’re looking to embrace the future and do what it takes to dominate in the industry.”

Marcus Sheridan
Marcus Sheridan International

David Kain reviews Michael Cirillo

“Kudos to you for tirelessly bringing us inspirational messages and letting us lean in to listen and learn on a weekly basis – what a gift to the industry!”

David Kain
Founder, Kain Automotive

Grant Cardone reviews Michael Cirillo

“I gotta tell you, Michael you do a great interview, dude. Every time I do an interview with you, I feel you in the interview; you are present. You’re not just reading some prepared questions. You’re doing great!

Grant Cardone
International Sales Expert 



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