In addition to being a model, actress, musician, and mother; Heather Ballentine is a very successful Super Lux automotive sales professionals. Get a glimpse into how Heather manages her portfolio of over 700 repeat customers, and what it takes to be a top 1%’er.

Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

9:40 – As much as you try to plan and organize, it is never going to go according to plan.
12:41 – Know your market, especially your customer. You can tell in five minutes if someone’s legit. The more someone tries to prove they have money – is a red flag.
12:49 – If your customer likes what you’re selling, they’re just going to buy it.
15:29 – Take initiative to find opportunity.
18:30 – Don’t be afraid to go out and essentially knock down doors to make people aware that you exist.
19:11 – Have the confidence to deal with the leader who’s skeptical of your ideas.
20:38 – Entrepreneur mindset – build your own personal brand and have your own goals.
21:24 – Leveraging – maximize resources, assets that already exist inside of your own brand.
23:46 – Salesperson – you need to build your own clientele. Don’t just sit around waiting for people to come in. Get up and talk to people.
24:05 – If you’re going to do sales, you have to be hungry for the sale.
25:37 – Most people have big aspirations but are not willing to do what it takes.
26:47 – You want something? Go work for it.
28:58 – Video Content – Don’t pose. Just be yourself.
29:45 – Know your brand inside and out.
30:59 – Be consistent and patient. Success takes time and work.
32:40 – Don’t take no for an answer.
32:45 – When you have good ideas, go for it. If you believe in them that much, then do it.
33:51 – Don’t wonder what it’s like, don’t leave any what-ifs on the table. If you have some crazy idea, try it. Be open to it and you pretty well can figure it out pretty fast if it’s going to be productive and worth your time.
34:42 – Make yourself known. Set up your own personal brand in conjunction with the brand you’re selling.
35:38 – Always ask for the deal. Ask for the business. And don’t be afraid to do that because if you don’t ask, you’re likely not going to get it.

Entreprenuer Mindset

Heather adds that you always need to think long term and see opportunities that might play out in a year down the road and not always expect immediate gratification. Be consistent and patient. Success takes time and work.

Push Forward

Heather says that you will need to go through a lot of NOs to get a Yes and sometimes you just need to act instead of asking for permission. If you have a great idea that you think might work, try it. If you fail, say sorry, learn your mistakes and move on. And most importantly, if you want something – you gotta work for it.

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