• #164: How To Win Even When You Lose

    Losing might just tell you more about yourself than you could ever imagine. In today's rat race, our sights are so focused on the win that we beat ourselves up when we lose. Without losing, however, winning wouldn't feel like winning. In this episode of the DPB, you'll hear the story of John […]

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Praise for The Dealer Playbook

Marcus Sheridan reviews Michael Cirillo

“Michael Cirillo gets it. He sees around the curve and is telling dealers what they need to do to be ready for the future. I strongly recommend you pay attention if you’re looking to embrace the future and do what it takes to dominate in the industry.”

Marcus Sheridan
Marcus Sheridan International

David Kain reviews Michael Cirillo

“Kudos to you for tirelessly bringing us inspirational messages and letting us lean in to listen and learn on a weekly basis – what a gift to the industry!”

David Kain
Founder, Kain Automotive

Grant Cardone reviews Michael Cirillo

“I gotta tell you, Michael you do a great interview, dude. Every time I do an interview with you, I feel you in the interview; you are present. You’re not just reading some prepared questions. You’re doing great!

Grant Cardone
International Sales Expert 



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G'day mate, how you going? I just returned from an 18-day journey to Australia where I was honoured to speak at the AADA Conference and Expo with my friends from…


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Hey, how you been? It's been a while... over six months to be exact. I know a lot of you have been wondering where the heck I've been, so I…

1 Million.

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When we first launched the podcast, I remember Robert (my co-host at the time) encouraging that we shouldn't pay attention to the statistics for at least six months. It was…

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