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DPB 10: Talking Facebook with Gary Vaynerchuk — In this episode, Expert Marketer, Gary Vaynerchuk talks about what you need to do so that you can dominate Facebook and increase your business.

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DPB 15: Why Car People Hate What They Do with Grant Cardone — In this episode, NYT Bestselling Author, Grant Cardone explains why people hate their J.O.B’s and how to turn things around.

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DPB 23: How to Go The Extra Mile and Achieve Greatness in Car Sales with Elise Kephart — In this episode, The YouTube Diva (Elise) gives us an inside look into how she increased sales on the front lines.

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DPB 47: How to Rise to the Top in the Auto Industry with James Schramko — In this episode, Online Business Mogul, James Schramko talks about how he became Australia’s top General Manager FAST!

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Latest Episodes

Lisa Copeland

DPB 088: How to Create a Culture of Belief and Drive Big Results with Lisa Copeland

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Creating a positive culture is something that we've discussed before on The Dealer Playbook, but session 88 of the show brings the culture topic to a new level. Lisa Copeland, Head of Automotive Retail Strategies at the Culture Works, joins Michael as a guest to discuss culture specifically from the leadership point of view. Those…
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Tracy Myers, Glenn Pasch, Troy Spring on The Dealer Playbook Podcast

DPB 087: How to Create Huge ROI by Unifying Your Marketing w/ Glenn Pasch, Troy Spring, and Tracy Myers

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Marketing is not about dumping more money into advertising so that you can get more clicks to your website. It's not about buying a full page ad in the local newspaper or airtime on the radio. Though there are dozens of outlets to broadcast your business, many dealers are struggling to generate real results. On…
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Grant Cardone

DPB 086: How to Hustle Your Way to a Balanced Life with Grant Cardone

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Grant Cardone is no stranger to doing whatever it takes to create success. In fact, for many of his followers, the terms 'hustle' or '10X' have become synonyms for his name. In this episode of The Dealer Playbook Podcast, Michael Cirillo sits down with Grant Cardone to dissect what being obsessed looks like and how…
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Trevor Turnbull, LinkedIn Expert

DPB 085: How to Use LinkedIn to Sell More Cars w/ Trevor Turnbull

By | Podcast | No Comments
Trevor Turnbull is one of the foremost experts when it comes to leveraging the power of LinkedIn to grow your business. In this episode of The Dealer Playbook Podcast, Michael and Robert are joined by Trevor to discover the exact process he uses to optimize, grow, and leverage his LinkedIn profile. You're going to learn…
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