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Any one in the front lines of the car business knows that when it comes down to a new car purchase for a married couple that if the wife is not into you, your store, or the vehicles it’s self, you have no sale!

Not only do women have the final decision/approval for a “couples” purchase, they are serious car shoppers for themselves now more then ever!

Why You Should Focus On Female Automotive Shoppers

On this new session from “The Dealer Playbook” (episode 21) we sit down with Anne Fleming founder and CEO of Womens-Drivers.com who is a undisputed expert when it comes to knowing women car shoppers.

She breaks it down on why every dealership needs to focus on female automotive shoppers.

There are 75,000 inked car deals a DAY happening across America all with women owners!

Anne dives in deep on the mindset and tendencies of todays woman “car shopper”, and what you can do in your business to attract and convert your share of that 75,000 daily sales.

Anne and her team at Women-Drivers.com are serious about surveying and statistics. She breaks down the key statistics todays automotive Dealerships need to know so they can start to attract and wow women shoppers.

 Anne Fleming Talks More About

– The shopping process most women follow

– The key decision factors for women shoppers

– Social tactics to engage more women shoppers using Facebook

– Using your dealership website to attract women shoppers

– Simple tweaks & changes that can attract more women car shoppers

Anne covers all the above plus so much more!

Women buyers are a serious customer segment that needs to be spoken to and handled in a custom tailored fashion. Like any customer segment.

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What are you going to do to Focus On Female Automotive Shoppers?

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