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The Dealer Playbook Podcast at the time of writing this is 70 episodes strong!

We have been fortunate enough to have some amazing guests from day one like Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuk, Rand Fishkin, Marcus Sheridan, Jim Ziegler and many more.

The feedback from you has been so amazing that each episode we release gets thousands and thousands of ears tuning in.

With so many resources available to consume content, we are putting this post together to make things a bit easier for you.

The Top 5 Episodes of The Dealer Playbook Podcast

Let’s start with number 5

Laura Madison

#5 – Three Tips for Building Your Brand And Career In Car Sales with Laura Madison

Number five takes us back to episode 36 where we chatted it up about personal branding and social media for car sales professionals with Ms. Laura Madison.

Laura was a front line sales person who took her market and career by storm using video, social media, and other powerful personal branding techniques. She dives deeper into that in this session.

Laura now works with Alan Ram’s (another past guest) training company, which by the way just released her first training program “Social Selling” so be sure to peep that out.

Laura Madison is a super dialed in professional and we hope to have her join us again in the future.

Listen to Laura Madison’s Dealer Playbook episode: 3 Tips For Building Your Brand And Career In Car Sales w/ Laura Madison


Fran Taylor

#4 -The Lost Art of Prospecting with Fran Taylor

Fran Taylor and DPB’s own Robert Wiesman go way back to when Robert first entered the industry. He helped Robert then just like he is helping many more today and exactly what he did when he sat down with us for session 29.

Fran Taylor is the founder of Taylor Training Techniques and is a bonafide expert when it comes to the lost art of car sales prospecting.

In this session with Fran, he breaks down the prospecting tools that some of the automotive industries top producers are using to “sell cars while they’re sleeping”.

Team DPB considers Fran Taylor a true friend and professional whom we will have on the show again very soon.

Check out DPB’s conversation with the “King of Prospecting” Fran Taylor: The Lost Art of Prospecting  with Fran Taylor

Elise Kephart Adame

#3 – How to Go the Extra Mile and Achieve Greatness in Car Sales with Elise Kephart Adame

Doing session 23 with Elise Kephart was super easy to do. Elise and both Robert and Michael Cirillo are great friends “in real life.” We have had the pleasure of hanging with Elise Kephart all across the country while attending automotive events and what not.

Elise was a top performer with Honda dealership in California before joining forces with Jerry Thibeau and his automotive phone training firm “Phone Ninjas”.

Elise is an expert when it comes to phone skills and following up with your customers. In this session of DPB, she drops information to help you be successful in car sales.

There is no question Elise Kephart will be a guest again on “The Dealer Playbook.” Little fun fact Robert and she tried to record a second episode together while on a 70-mile car ride to the airport, but, unfortunately, the audio quality was not up to our standards at DPB.

Check out Elise Kephart’s episode of DPB: How to Go the Extra Mile and Achieve Greatness In Car Sales ” w/ Elise Kephart Adame

Gary Vaynerchuk

#2 – Talking Facebook with Gary Vaynerchuk

Episode 10 was a big one for us and couldn’t have been more stoked to sit down with Gary Vaynerchuk.

Michael and Robert both are long time followers and fans of Gary Vaynerchuk, and we quite humbled he took the time to join us early on in our podcast journey for episode 10.

Gary Vaynerchuk is the co – founder and CEO of VaynerMedia a social media agency that helps Fortune 500 companies and other major business players get the most out of their social strategies.

With that being Gary’s super power, we thought it only made sense to have Gary Vee chop it up about Facebook. Mostly focusing on “Facebook Dark Posts” and how to tap all the way into their true potential.

Gary was nice enough to join us in our early stages of building DPB, and would love to have him join us again in the future.

Listen To Gary Vee deliver on DPB: Talking Facebook with Gary Vaynerchuk

Grant Cardone Sales Expert
#1 – Why Car Sales People Hate What They Do with Grant Cardone

Coming in at number one from episode 15 is Grant Cardone. This session with Grant was a blast and received enormous amounts of feedback.

Grant Cardone is the CEO of Cardone Enterprises, Cardone Training, etc. etc. Grant is also a five times best-selling author of books like “The 10X – Rule” and “Sell or Be Sold” just to name two of them.

Grant goes way back with team DPB, and we all had a lot of fun on this episode. Grant has always loved to torture Robert, so in this episode we all horsed around a bit, but like always Grant does deliver some powerful information.

In this session, Grant focuses in on one of the biggest roadblocks to upping performance, and that is just plain old “hating what you do”.

Grant delivers actionable information to break through that roadblock and onto accomplishing your goals and dreams.

It was a pleasure to host Grant Cardone on DPB and would love to have him on again in the future as well.

Check out Grant Cardone on The Dealer Playbook Podcast: Why Car Sales People Hate What They Do with Grant Cardone

The Top Episodes of The Dealer Playbook Podcast

There you have it folks the top five episodes of the 70 thus far on DPB.

Special thanks to all the guests above for the contributions and also big thanks to every guest who has been on The Dealer Playbook. We value your contributions to the show.

The last thing is a big shout out, and praise of thanks is to you the listener. Everyone at DPB is honored and humbled beyond words that you give us 30 minutes of your week when listening. We love you for that and all the positive feedback!

If you have not checked out any of these episodes be sure to just the link above on the one you want and dive in.

If you listened to these already, we recommend giving them another play, you might’ve missed something special.