Sarah is a leading Australian social media practitioner who works for global brands and small startups to develop and deploy tactical social media strategies. In this episode of The Dealer Playbook, Sarah shares creative ways that retail car dealers can leverage social media with limited resources.

Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

1:56 – How did you get into social media?
3:54 – How do you become that person your customers know, like and trust and want to work with?
5:00 – How do you determine the right marketing approach for a specific business?
8:00 – Do you think businesses shy away from marketing because it takes a lot of time and does marketing really have to take a lot of time?
11:04 – How do you choose a platform to fill up different stages of the funnel?
14:49 – How do you condition people in the organization to create content that is interesting to their consumers?
16:26 – Does a marketing plan and procedures need to be formal and documented for a business?
19:14 – Make your marketing decisions based on data not on your “gut feeling”. How do you attribute your leads to a specific platform?
22:57 – Where do I start? What is the first thing I build-out?
24:06 – How many emails should I send out and what is the best way to approach email marketing?
25:11 – Creating brand ambassadors.
30:07- Partnering up with local businesses and leveraging the community.
31:59 – How does your content plan look like?

Know, Like and Trust.

Sarah adds that customers buy from brands they know, like and trust. Social media is one of the best ways to expose your brand and offers to new customers, engage with them constantly with the content that is helpful and entertaining while building relationships of trust. The right social media strategy helps to position you as an authority and an expert in your marketplace, build trust with your customers and create a tribe raving fans that tell others about you.

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