There is a lot of conversation about the technology and services that help car dealers sell more cars, but what about software that can help streamline productivity within the dealership?

There are many reasons why a dealership owner or manager should consider improving productivity, including the dealership’s ability to scale with speed.

Every dealer that I’ve had a conversation with shares a similar goal: Increase sales, decrease turnover, capture more market share.

In this episode, Michael Cirillo shares four tools (+ one bonus) that his agency,, uses to increase productivity across the entire organization.

Each tool will help solve the business’s critical foundational areas, from enhanced communication to project and task management.

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Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

1:38 – We rarely speak about the tools you can use to stay organized.
6:56 – Slack – internal messaging system.
11:33 – Asana – keeping projects and tasks organized.
17:54 – Everhour – time tracking.
21:58 – Dropbox and Google Drive – secure and centralized places to store files.
25:47 – Discord – a free alternative to Slack.

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