It’s no secret that as a dealership marketing professionals, you’re juggling several different tasks and projects simultaneously.

From merchandising and updating incentive information, to strategy, budget, vendors and reporting – it can be a daunting task to keep up, especially if you’re working with a team of people who are each responsible for something getting done.

That’s why I want to share my top 4 favorite productivity apps with you.

Before I found these apps, my projects and tasks were a mess. Post it notes, notebooks piled on notebooks, and scrap pieces of paper lined my desk. It was naaaaasty!

But I’m not a software for the sake of software kind of guy, especially when it comes to a potential boost in productivity. I’ve tested dozens of different software and ultimately landed on the ones I’m going to share with you for three key reasons.

1.) Ease of use. I knew that if the learning curve were high, I wouldn’t use it, and neither would my team. The last thing I wanted was to trade managing tasks for managing the software that manages tasks. That would defeat the point.

2.) Price. I wasn’t looking for the cheapest, or the most expensive. There was a sweet spot for me in and around that $5-$10 per user/per month. There are so many companies out there that charge an arm and a leg because, well, PRODUCTIVITY matters. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to pay those insane prices. My company used the free version of most of the software I’ll mention, for years!

3.) Accessibility. If I couldn’t access it from my phone and desktop, it wouldn’t integrate with our company well. The software needed to unify my team’s work, not hinder it.

With those credentials in mind, let’s take a look at my favorite productivity apps for dealership marketers.


Asana Productivity App

Asana is a task and project manager that killed all post-it notes for my organization. It allows us to keep the entire team communicating about specific duties and projects. It also helps each team member keep track of the due dates and guidelines needed to complete their work.
Think about how this could improve your workflow and process. From managing daily priorities to tracking upcoming events (e.g., Red Tag Days, Employee Pricing, etc.) and everything you need to do to pull off your marketing without a hitch,


Everhour time tracking

Everhour is a time tracking software that integrates directly with Asana. With Everhour, we can see how much time specific tasks take, and then forecast time/human resource budgets for future work.

When considering the cost of producing marketing materials, dealerships rarely factor in how much time it takes the team to produce those materials. With Everhour, you’d be able to see whether or not your physical employees are capable of providing the work or if outsourcing to a 3rd party would be more beneficial.

In my organization, it has helped my leadership team maximize employee strengths while minimizing their weaknesses. Those best suited for specific tasks, get assigned those tasks via Asana. That way, they are more efficient and more excited about the work they are producing. In turn, it pays back dividends because you can sense their desire to do the work through the deliverables.


Slack killed email inside of my organization. It’s an instant messenger for small, medium, and large organizations which allows us to communicate asynchronously. With Slack, you can create channels for a specific topic (e.g., Announcements, Marketing, Sales, Business Development, etc.), and then engage team members who need to be involved.

Slack allows us to communicate asynchronously. It’s a great place to catch up, and toss a few ideas around or keep everyone updated on what’s going on. When an actual meeting or phone call is required, those can happen as well.

I like Slack’s “search” function, which allows the user to quickly find chats, images, or documents that you’ve uploaded to the software.

Google Drive (G Suite)

Google G Suite for Car Dealers

Google Drive or G Suite, is the central hub of storage for my automotive dealer marketing agency. It’s useful to store information in a centralized location so that it’s accessible wherever I go.

With G Suite, you can create documents, spreadsheets, slide presentations and more and then share them with your entire company or just a few select people.

Should circumstances require you to terminate a team member, G Suite allows you to quickly remove them and assign all of their work to another team member, ensuring that nothing is lost.


Alright, there you go. Those are my top 4 favorite productivity apps for dealership marketers. I use each of these apps on a daily basis and really believe they will help organize your work in a way that prevents tasks from falling through the cracks.

I’m curious, which ones did I miss? Which ones do you love? Leave me a comment below!

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