There is more than enough statistical data to validate the fact that dealers don’t need more leads. They need people who are trained and efficient at handling the leads. In this insightful episode, resident leads expert, Paul DeVries shares his advice about how dealers can stop being lead zombies and start booking more appointments quickly.

Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

1:17 – Every business should have a podcast.
2:11 – What is the biggest challenge you sell when it comes to phone handling, lead handing, phone sales?
3:01 – They want to sell more but they are don’t willing to put in the work. Most cars are being bought instead of being sold.
4:16 – Where should a dealer focus so they can finally implement a process they can stick to?
5:36 – 6 universal rules to the lead follow up.
9:08 – How do we get salespeople to follow the process without forcing it on them?
12:40 – Dealerships are not training their people.
14:32 – How many phone calls to appointments to show ups in order to sell a vehicle?
19:02 – In your experience, what are some of the lead sources that produce the best results for dealers?
20:27 – You need to get a process in place.
21:02 – Google My Business: still an under-utilized tool for businesses.
25:28 – If you have solid people then everything is going on top of that. It is not about better marketing or tools.
31:41 – What was it about your definition of success to stay local instead of working with dealer all around the world?
33:01 – Everything thinks they need to be everything to everyone. There are acres of diamonds in your backyard.


Paul says that consistency in business is one of the most important reasons why dealers often fail to reach their goals. When choosing a new marketing strategy, make sure that you plan the time to put into executing that strategy every single day. Don’t register an account on all social media platforms and spread yourself too thin by not having enough time properly interact on each channel. Instead, pick the channel where your best customers are and master it.


Paul adds that building genuine relationships is what all successful businesses have in common. Customers don’t want to be sold, they want to be listened to and understood. Start those conversations not to sell but to listen and to help even if you don’t get the sale.

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