Herb R. Anderson, CEO of DT Vendor Management, sees a massive opportunity for dealers worldwide. While many have either scaled back their marketing for new and used vehicles, Herb explains that there is much more predictability within the fixed operations.

Discover some creative ideas that you can implement to leverage the necessity of your fixed ops to generate recurring revenue for your store.

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Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

2:05 – Why dealers should be focusing on the service department?
6:45 – Use digital tools to simplify the customer experience.
8:28 – Personal touch in the social distancing world.
16:54 – Decrease in ROS and increase in profits.
19:30 – Facilitate the need.
20:00 – How do you ensure your customer has a pleasant experience today?
30:28 – Talk to your existing customers more effectively, instead of trying to acquire new customers.
35:40 – What should dealers be focused on today to grow their business?
39:21 – The opportunity is now. Execute.

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