#109: Grant Cardone on How to Be Successful

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“You have to beware the naysayers. The only reason somebody will play with you and give you bad information is because you can be played with.”

This is not your typical book review. New York Times Best-selling Author and International Business Expert, Grant Cardone joins us for the third time to talk about his new book, “Be Obsessed or Be Average.” More importantly, Grant dives deep on the concepts from the book to explain how to be successful.

During our last conversation in Las Vegas, Grant laid the foundation for his new book by submitting that you have to be obsessed in all areas of your life. The reason many people struggle to maintain work-life balance is because they are only obsessed with one aspect of their life and let the others decay.

In this interview, you’ll hear Grant Cardone share insider secrets that have helped him amass great wealth, health, and happiness. You might even be surprised to learn that Money, while an element of his success, is not how he attributes his success.

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