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Don Romano is the CEO of Hyundai Canada and shares his insights about how leaders can promote and encourage a car business’s growth culture. He gives an inside look into how Hyundai Canada operates and provides advice about an opening for retail dealers to improve their operations.

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Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

1:37 – How did you develop your belief in great company culture and helping others rise? Is this something that grew within you organically?
5:57 – Running a company where everyone feels inclusive.
8:20 – Change requires change.
12:53 – You don’t know it all – no matter what your title is.
14:55 – How do you ensure people you are bringing in and promoting because of the merits of their skill and experience?
19:34 – Whatever you knew yesterday is irrelevant tomorrow.
21:08 – How do you set the tone as a leader?
27:02 – How do you build employee loyalty in your company?
33:15 – A little enthusiasm and urgency go a long way for any business.
36:49 – Meet the needs and match the experience expectation that modern car shoppers have.

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