Dean Evans is the CMO of Cars and has an impressive resume filled with vast marketing experience. In particular, Dean shares his digital marketing success recipe, aka “bottom-up performance marketing,” which includes 5 steps that car dealers can take in a post-COVID retail environment.

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Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

1:54 – From everything that you are seeing, where should the dealer’s focus be as the navigate the post COVID economy.
6:33 – Dealerships are not sure if marketing is working for them.
13:32 – Marketing budget gets cut first.
18:30 – Do you think our response to this uncertainty was appropriate?
20:36 – Your priorities must change and should reflect shifts in the market.
22:43 – How do you ensure that the whole team is in sync with your marketing initiatives?
34:37 – Make yourself relevant to what buyers want today.
35:39 – Customer experience is not optional.

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