David Kain has one of the most impressive resumes in the automotive industry today. In episode 151 he shares wise advice about how to improve your personal business development opportunities as well as lessons he’s learned throughout his career in automotive.

For those attending NADA2019, be sure to visit the eBay booth where David and I will both be hanging out during the show.

Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

20:08 – Doubt is the enemy of progress. Plan as best as you can and move forward with strong faith.
20:18 – Over planning stem the flow of creativity.
21:04 – Be brave. There’s gonna be a lot of mistakes, but have faith and believe in yourself to take the greatest risk.
21:28 – Focus on what’s best for you. Know your business and your customers. And you’re going to be just fine.
21:39 – Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith.
23:21 – Move forward. Just do all the things you can do and that are in your power and then you got to just launch.
25:13 – You got to tell everybody what you do and be proud of it.
26:30 – Personality notes is what builds the relationship. Strongest employees are those that invest time to build that database to personalize their service.
27:06 – Have a one to one personal conversations with your customers that are outside of automotive.
27:25 – Try to influence people to pick up the responsibility to grow their own business through personal business development.
27:39 – Whatever industry you’re in is that you are the product and whatever you represent has to be an extension of who you are. Focus on yourselves as the product and the concept of building relationships of trust.
29:36 – Take great care of your customers. Do a great job in taking care of your guests, be able to keep them happy and you’ll keep them in your business.
30:58 – Social platforms are all out there waiting for progressive salespeople to go build their brand and grow their business.
31:08 – You can’t do anything with things that are out of your control, but do things that are in your control.
34:02 – The intangible effect of building relationships of trust, being a good person and reaching out and doing things that are in your control to develop more business. You have to be a good person. You have to care about others. You have to have a service mindset.
34:57 – Have empathy for the customers that we serve and share the joy of buying a car with them.
36:11 – Develop communication skills in the digital age. Doing the video, texting, using social media messaging apps, being able to write a good and compelling email, leave a great voicemail, talk to someone on the phone and convince them how to want to do business with you.
36:52 – Product knowledge, you got to love what you sell. The woven fabric of a great salesperson includes the love of the product that they sell.

Just Launch

David adds that doubt is the enemy of progress. To reach your business or personal goals planning is necessary but overplanning can actually harm your ideas and creativity. Do the homework, do the planning and then have faith in your abilities and just launch and move forward.

Personalized Customer Service

David says that in today’s day and age, personalized customer service is one of the most important ingredients in customer satisfaction and customer experience. Learn as much as you can about your customers, build great relationships of trust, genuinely care about their satisfaction and you will have the right mindset and attitude to win.

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