Discover the best way to increase exposure and build your brand using social media. Dave Benson joins Michael to share his best advice about being everywhere on social media without sacrificing your time.

Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

07:08 – Balance – be able to focus on your family. You got to be unbalanced to be balanced.
10:11 – What is your purpose behind, set goals and try hard to achieve them.
10:58 – Most entrepreneurs run their business within a business.
11:05 – We all desire freedom to set your own hours, to make your own choices, to spend money.
11:39 – Have an ability to not just wait for things to happen, but create opportunities for yourself. It’s time to hustle.
13:05 – Have your own definition of success.
15:40 – Help people. If you are able to help them, then you should be able to charge them. Focus on helping people and getting a reward from that help.
16:11 – Realizing your strategy and new techniques is where it’s at.
16:38 – Take the time to really consider your values.
16:53 – Think of who you are and what do you believe in? What’s your purpose?
17:17 – It’s not a matter of keeping up. It’s a matter of standing out. If you are just trying to keep out, you will not be able to stand out.
17:59 – AUTHENTICITY – be confident in yourself and put yourself out there, is actually what people want.
18:37 – Be everywhere, leveraging social media.
19:17 – Video is the key and gives you the ability to be everywhere, to go across multiple social media platforms and the ability to take that video and repurpose it into blog posts, social media posts. Do 20 minutes of video a week, to have enough content, to be able to be everywhere on every social media channel, every single day, nearly every single hour.
20:07 – Every dealer, every salesperson, should start getting great at video and do it the right way.
21:54 – Good video content. First, educational about the product that you’re selling, become the expert. Second – Focus on how can you address some of the reasons that they don’t want to come in? Third – Personal video. The ability to reach out with a personal video, put a face to the name and show that you’re completely open and transparent.
26:31 – Video helps to establish authority and build a relationship of trust.
28:45 – You can repurpose all your content across all the social media platforms, to be omnipresent.
30:34 – You’ve got to have quality content that your audience actually wants to follow or wants to engage with.
31:48 – The simplest form of advertising and marketing in 2019 is asking people what they want and give it to them. Give people what they want.
38:05 – Take enough time to plan your videos out, identify what your desired outcome is and then map out your actions and content to that outcome.


Brian adds that now more than ever customers want to see your personality and follow “experts” in their fields of interest. The best way to show your authenticity, personality and transparency is video. Video is also the best way to build trust and genuine connections with your customers.

Be omnipresent

Brian says that it is more important to work smarter not harder. You need to research your customers’ needs and wants, then plan your content to meet those goals. The best way to be omnipresent is to repurpose your content. This means taking one piece of video content and extracting audio snippets, posting image quotes, social media posts, blog posts from that single video or audio episode. All of this can be scheduled to run on autopilot allowing you to record it once and then have that piece of content work for you for years.

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