Danny Blanchard is no stranger to the retail car business. Since his start as a teenager, he has worked every position within the dealership from the lube pit to ownership. Today, Danny is the Dealer Principal and GM of two stores in Alberta Canada and shares his wisdom about creating a growth culture as a new leader.

Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

1:41 – How did you get into the industry?
5:25 – Is there merit in just taking your top producer and promoting them to management?
6:05 – Gretzky Theory.
7:46- Success based solely on the principle of monetary gains or revenue.
9:02 – Where did your leadership journey begin?
12:25 – Rewarding with perks that is an experience.
13:18 – How do you ensure that your employees are team-focused?
16:19 – Well respected leader is better than a good friend? How do you balance that?
16:39 – Good manager is a good leader. Lead by example.
18:29 – How do you demonstrate that you care?
24:50 – What are some things you think about when moving into a new acquisition to establish a fresh approach to the community.
31:32 – Things are evolving. In the last 30 years, what are some of the biggest shifts in the industry that you have noticed?

Things Have Changed.

Danny adds that we no longer should be doing things the way they were done 30 years ago. Your customer cannot afford to spend 3 hours with you at the dealership while you fill out the paperwork. Customers want convenience, quick service, getting their needs heard and no longer tolerate sales pressure. They want a seamless experience from start to finish. Customers now are much more educated, do their own research and often walk-in knowing exactly what they want. Don’t give them the run-around. Don’t sell them a car, help them buy one.

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