What is the financial return on investment on happy employees? Ben Baker, founder of “Your Brand Marketing” shares the shocking value that happiness can bring to your dealership.

He also shares the difference between managers and leaders, and the negative impact that high turnover is having on dealers all over the world.

Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

1:21 – Financial impact employee retention can have on a business.
1:47 – Companies that are lead by leaders and those that are run by managers.
2:29 – 70% of employees today are not engaged in their jobs. 50% of employees are actively looking for other jobs while they are working for you.
6:01 – Happiness: Why is that the word that we gravitate towards?
10:06 – What can we do to help organizations understand the one to one mapping of their choices?
13:37 – What are some things they can do to understand the state of their company culture?
21:30 – See and treat your employees as internal customers.
23:25 – Are you a manager or a leader?
24:30 – What are some things organizations can do to better engage their teams?
28:58 – Creating the best employee onboarding process we possibly can.


Ben adds that happiness is the biggest motivator for employees and one of the most important metrics to gauge effectiveness of leadership in your organization. Ben says that management should be replaced with leadership. It is not enough to manage people and now more than ever we need to turn managers into leaders to inspire, lead and coach employees to help them achieve more.


Ben says that you need to evaluate and understand your company culture as soon as possible. How are your employees treated? How satisfied and engaged are they in their jobs? Are you treating your employees as replaceable parts of a system or do you have an environment where they are listened to, understood, inspired and motivated?

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