Ali Reda is documented to have sold the most cars in a single year, with over 1500 new units out the door to happy customers. During this interview, Ali shares his story and provides real world, tangible advice about how to build a business within the business. Pay attention because Ali Reda reveals how to build your book of business in order to sell 100 cars or more per month.

Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

3:02 – How long have you been in the industry and how have you shaped your methodology of sales?
4:39 – You are running your own business as a car sales person, even if you are under your dealer’s roof.
8:38 – I go out into the community and physically impact their lives. How can you not find time for this?
12:31 – What were you doing before car business?
15:29 – Focus on your own backyard first.
17:30 – How did you develop with autopreneur mindset? How it developed over time?
19:15 – Build those relationships of trust.
28:10 – You need to be tactical.
33:17 – How do you get business coming to you?
35:47 – What do you recommend other car salesmen do to maintain their base but also really start putting pegs in the ground for a much more sustainable approach like what you are doing?
39:17 – You are a connector. Your job isn’t to sell cars. Your job is to connect, advice, counsel and get to know the community. And then people come to me as a result of my work.
49:20 – Give people the experience they are not going to get anywhere else.
1:01:38 – You have to put the legwork to grow your business.

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