Adrian Shepherd, founder of the revolutionary one-bite time management and productivity system shares his wisdom about how car dealers can get more accomplished throughout the day. Praised for it’s refreshing approach to time management by the likes of Brian Tracy, Adrian’s advice is something listeners can immediately apply to their lives each day.

Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

1:39 – What is your productivity system and why is it gaining so much attention?
3:51 – Most new ideas are just a spin on something that already exists.
5:17 – What is the significance of December 26, 2004.
12:38 – How did you bribe a gap between teaching English to becoming a productivity time management coach?
15:06 – We wear busy as a badge of honor.
16:21 – Focus on getting something done as your goal while spending the least time on it as possible.
17:36 – Mindset of the CEO and one of an employee.
23:20 – For someone that your message is resonating with and need to make their output more efficient, what is the starting point?
26:03 – In your observations, what are some of the discoveries that seem the most shocking?
29:55 – What is the most logical next step to increase productivity and save time?


Adrian adds that time is our most valuable asset, one we can not ever get back. We don’t really understand how valuable time is until something happens in our lives and opens our eyes. Learn how to free up as much time as possible to actually have the time to do what is important to you. Analyze you day to day activities and you will be surprised how many time-sucking things you will find that hold you back from achieving your goals.

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