1 Million.

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When we first launched the podcast, I remember Robert (my co-host at the time) encouraging that we shouldn’t pay attention to the statistics for at least six months. It was sage advice considering they may have discouraged us from producing more shows if they were less than what we expected.

Don’t look at your stats!

Not looking at our statistics became a bit of a habit. We were (and I still am) focused on bringing the best value and relevant content to the audience. Yesterday, I was promoting the launch of Season 8 and noticed at a glance that the show had surpassed 1 million downloads from over 65 countries around the world. I hadn’t been paying attention to the stats all this time later and didn’t even notice it.

Thank you

Having said that, I want to give a big shout out to YOU, my audience. You are the best. Your words of encouragement, your positive reviews, and constructive feedback is what keeps me going. You truly motivate me to produce more episodes of the show and constantly keep a look out for subject-matter leaders who can help enrich and empower automotive professionals around the world.

The Dealer Playbook New and NoteworthyWhen we launched the show, I could have never imagined that it would be embraced the way it has been. I remember saying something like, ‘I’ll be pumped if 100 people listen to this thing!” Within 48 hours we made it to the New and Noteworthy list on iTunes, The ‘What’s Hot’ list and then onto iTunes Top Charts! I’ve been blessed to meet so many incredible people and to present and consult all over the world.

Thank you for your support! I am keenly aware that there are many other resources out there competing for your attention. I am deeply grateful that you have chosen to spend your time with me and The Dealer Playbook.

Continued success – DOMINATE!