Minisode: The One Thing Your Customers Want From You

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Hey oh, what’s going on? Thanks for joining me here for season 8 minisode 2 – I’ve got some nuggets for you coming up in a minute, but first, listen… if you haven’t subscribed to the DPB yet go ahead and smash the subscribe button wherever you are listening… and also, join me over on the DPB facebook page where you’ll get even more powerbombs, nuggets and keep up with all stuff we’ve got going on over here.

Also before we jump in here I want to give a shout out to some of the DPB gang… My fellow countrymen, Kyle Costa, Adam Abel, Camden McInnis and let’s not forget Trent Tate from Alabama, my pal Hans from Norway (who I think has been here since day 1) and last, but not least for this round of shout outs: Fanie Scholtz representing’ all the way over in South Africa and Laura Meagher my fellow commonwealth down under in Melbourne Australia. Guys thank you so much for your support – you are the reason DPB is a success and it just goes to show that our mission to enrich and empower is slowly becoming a global deal.

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So I found this kind of interesting, recently I spoke at the Canadian Dealer Day at Driving Sales in Vegas – they asked me to share some nuggets that I’ve learned during the interviews with my guests here on the show, and I picked up on something interested while doing my research.

I found that over 60% of the guests on the show address a very specific topic while the other 40% of guests speak to the practical applications that topic – in other words, 60% of guests share a common theme while the remaining guests share ways to apply processes, experiences, practices that make the common theme happen…

Any idea what that topic is? If you guessed Building Relationships of Trust, you are deep in the DPB gang my friend.

I found it so fascinating that pretty much every episode of the show in some way, shape, or form speaks to the importance of building trusting relationships. Listen, I’ve interviewed some of the biggest players in the game and even they are saying the magic sauce is in how effectively you can connect on a human level with somebody else and build relationships.

We get so caught up talking about money and moving metal, reaching gross, hitting those targets, that we forget all about the people behind the money. There’s always chatter going on about where car dealerships will be in the next 10 and 20 years… when the truth of the matter is that you should stop focusing on that crap and start focusing on what you can do to build lasting relationships with the people in your community. Those topics are nothing more than distractions designed to overwhelm you and shift your focus on things that really matter.

I know many dealers who are heavily invested in their community. Shout out to Jim Williamson, a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep Dealer in Ontario who has the Care-a-van… an initiative to help make christmas a little better for those that are less fortunate.

When you pause the noise, and step away from the desk and consider ways that you can build relationships of trust you will hopefully begin to identify small things that you can do that will have a big impact on the future of your business. I wholeheartedly believe that by small and simple things, great things will come to pass.

Building relationships of trust is a lasting business principle that has reigned since the dawn of mankind. It is not only scientifically proven that it’s easier to work with someone that you trust, it’s just good old fashioned common sense. So the only question becomes one of identifying what more you can do to convey and follow through on trustworthiness rather than waiting for the universe to act upon you as if you’re some powerless creature that only survives by virtue of luck.

This works on so many levels too. Leaders should be asking themselves what more they can do to BRT with their employees. Employees should be asking what more they can do to BRT with their co-workers and with customers. You see, we’re so focused on all the could do’s like updating tech, ranking higher, getting more people to see our ads, listening to vendor pitches, etc. that we completely lose sight of the things we SHOULD do. Could do and should do are dramatically different conversations. One will spin you in circles, the other will propel you forward.

My point is that BRT’ing has always been the best way to build a fail proof business and it will continue to be the way regardless of what’s happening out there. Regardless of the advancements in technology or how fast you perceive the industry is changing. Those that focus competent energy on relationships will win and continue to win.

Alright, winding this minisode down I hope you’re getting value from the DPB I love hearing from you over on our facebook page. Keep asking questions, keep leaving your feedback. I’m so pumped that you’ve chosen to join me on the mission of enriching and empowering automotive professionals around the world.

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And you know how it goes, my friend… until next time, keep the playbook open and DOMINATE!!!