Kicking off the new year, Michael shares a daily activity that will help you gain clarity, focus, and the ability to achieve what you want. Don’t be the statistic that gives up too soon. Rise above the clutter and DOMINATE!

Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

03:19 – Practice manifesting what you want and why you want it so that you can map the appropriate actions to your desired outcome.
03:41 – Take the time to be tactical, to plan.
04:53 – Understand the purpose behind of your desires.
05:08 – Get clarity in your purpose.
06:01 – Don’t procrastinate your greatness, let it shine, do something right, just do it.
06:50 – Out of the chaos, you must find order.
09:39 – Take actions that matter most.
09:46 – Make sure that every action you take in some way, shape or form very clearly maps to what you want to accomplish.
12:26 – Be grateful, hopeful and optimistic. Write out what for and why.
13:25 – Think about what do you really want.
14:20 – Get more clarity, more understanding and it doesn’t matter what you see others doing. What matters is what you do.
14:35 – What matter is what you do for yourself, for your family and for the people and the things you care most about.
14:57 – Success is something that is often seemed so unachievable.
15:23 – Success is a favorable or desired outcome. Everybody has a favorable and desired outcome.
15:53 – Success is not a scarce resource.
16:17 – There are so many tools and resources available to you.
17:14 – Manifest your goals, dreams, and ambitions regularly.
17:47 – Do anything and everything you possibly can to achieve your favorable and desired outcome.

Get Clear and Plan

Michael adds that it is important to understand the purpose behind your desires before planning and going all in to reach your goals. What is important to you? Are you trying to achieve the goals of someone else and live someone else’s life?

Take Action

Michael says that it is more important than ever to make use of all the resources that are available to us. Use and act on what works best for you. Success is not something that is out of reach. With proper planning, clear set goals and outlined steps to reach those goals – you will be all set to dominate 2019!

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