#98: Social Media Sales Tips w/ Lon Safko

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When it comes to social media selling, Lon Safko is one of the world’s leading experts. Aside from being nominated for a Nobel Prize, Lon is the bestselling author of The Social Media Bible.

In episode 98, Lon provides some helpful insights about how you can leverage social media to help you sell more. Whether you’re a car sales professional or a Real-estate agent, what he has to say about social media just plain works.

Two Basics of Social Media Marketing

Before truly understanding how to sell using social media, it’s important to understand that there is a psychology to the technology. Lon refers to social media like holding a hammer. Holding the hammer alone will not allow you to sculpt¬†David. The same applies to social media. Just because you have the technology at your fingertips doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically know how to use it to advance your business goals.

1. People want to be social

They want to connect with other people. As such, the first basic of social media is to be where your customers are. If they’re on Facebook, be there. If they’re on Instagram, be there. It’s important to be where the conversations are already happening.

2. Social Media is not a monolog, it’s a dialogue

Unlike traditional advertising mediums, social media is a dialogue. It’s important to connect with people on social media and converse with them. It’s pretty amazing to see just how many businesses fail to connect with their customers because they are only interested in broadcasting a message, not having a conversation.

Social Media Sales Funnel for Car Dealers

With so many dealers wondering the best way to get more traffic in the store, Lon suggests that you have to funnel them with a relationship. Here’s a simple way to do that:

  1. Make an offer: This could be as simple as a discounted oil change without needing to book an appointment
  2. Make another offer: Once they show up for the oil change, ask if they’d be willing to have their vehicle appraised.
  3. Make another offer: Ask to buy their vehicle from them so that they can drive away in a brand new one.

Of course, we’re simplifying the funnel for the sake of time, but with a little creativity, you could use this model to attract potential car buyers into your store. At the very least, you picked up new customers for your database that you can leverage at a later date.

What was your main takeaway from episode 98? Share it in the comments below.

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