The rise in popularity of LinkedIn presents a massive opportunity for those who are willing to put themselves out there and leverage the social platform for personal branding. Shay Rowbottom, one of LinkedIn’s prominent content creators joins Michael to share her process for creating content on LinkedIn as well as the importance of vulnerability, transparency, and honesty when developing your brand.

Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

4:20 – Are there different ways you can reach the result you are looking for?
5:25 – There is a huge potential with the organic reach.
9:59 – If one strategy isn’t working – you have to try something else. What worked X years ago, might not be the best way to achieve your goals now.
11:41 – Use social media to propel your business, whatever it is.
13:25 – Most are failing to really penetrate those social mediums the way they could is because they spend too much time talking about themselves.
14:39 – Organic reach and exposure give people the opportunity to make the decision on their own, to discover my business and what I do without feeling like they’re being sold.
16:50 – Building a long term sustainable business is building relationships of trust and showing that you truly care.
22:13 – Curate ideas from other creators that are bigger than you and see what’s working for you. Success breeds success.
23:15 – If something is working really well for them, but it’s totally going to take you in the opposite direction of where you ultimately want to go, then don’t do it. Find a balance between curating and originality and figure out a way to don’t constantly reinvent the wheel. See what is working for other creators in your vertical that you look up to and that are ahead of you, do what they’re doing.
24:28 – Try to connect with as many decision-makers as possible – that’s who is going to buy from you.
25:37 – If you want any amount of significant success in life, then you need to accept that there will be “haters” online.
30:56 – You need to bring the gap between personal and professional life.
32:37 – More organizations need to understand that there is no magical conduit that we pass through when we walked through the doors to the office that magically transfigure is us into different people.
37:35 – Everyone can find a way to work and contribute to society while also fulfilling their own needs.
43:08 – What makes you happy is different from what makes you happy. You have to figure out your own journey.
47:20 – A lot of people still believe they need a professional crew and equipment to shoot highly engaging videos that get millions of views.
48:30 – You need to figure out how to find time for social media. This will only result in more money in your pocket.
48:37 – Social media helps you learn about your brand, connect with your target market and get people to actually pick up the phone.

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Shay adds that you don’t need to be 100% original when creating content. Study your competition and the best players in your industry to see what is working for them. You can borrow ideas from other industries and adapt to your own. At the end, it is all about building relationships, entertaining your target market, delivering value to them and connecting with your customers. You need to find the time to implement and test different strategies on social media for your own business to understand what works for you.

Figure out your own journey.

Shay says you need to find your own journey and your own approach to social media and to your followers’ hearts. What makes you happy and what is valuable to you might be different from what makes your customers happy. Listen, take notes, study your market, test, improve and repeat with your next piece of content.

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