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#144: Critical Life Hacks You MUST Know to Be More Successful at Selling Cars w/Shawn Hays

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No matter what your past looks like, you have control of your future. Shawn Hays shares his inspirational story about how the car business helped change his life. Co-founder of the Sales Hustler movement, Shawn explains the most critical elements of being a successful car salesperson.

Hint, it may not be what you think.


Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

6:55 – Being a good person – becoming a great car salesman.
8:00 – Find inspiration and passion in what you’re already doing to become more excited, more successful, and enjoy it more.
17:30 – Be authentic. Give value and help others.
21:00 – Be ok with who you are. Find your people who accept you and stand for the same principles.
23:00 – Routine and discipline to become a better person.
23:30 – If you are looking to change you need to really want to change.
24:30 – We lose passion in our jobs because we stop trying to get better at it.  Keep trying to get better everyday.
28:00 – Reaching your potential. Do not compete. You are your only competition.
30:39 – You can achieve everything you believe in and put action in.
33:35 – God didn’t design you to fail. Your imperfections are your perfections. Just be you.
36:00 – Stop worrying about what is not in your control and start worrying about what IS in your control.
38:55 – Put value into people and expect nothing in return – things in return DO come back.
44:30 – Stop looking at people like transactions. Start building relationships.

Service really is senior to selling

Shawn adds his voice to a growing group of business titans and dealership practitioners who all agree that giving value, serving others without any expectation of return is the best way to grow your business. Embrace what makes you who you are, and staying true to that. Nothing will compensate for authenticity.

Develop a winning routine

Shawn says that devoting time to you every day, and developing a routine that will transform you into a winner are crucial to becoming successful at anything. Devote time to personal development every day and it will pay you back dividends!

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