Few in the auto industry possess the innate ability to throw down some hard truth while simultaneously making you love them. Shaun Raines is one of those people. As an industry veteran, Shaun delivers keen insights about how to improve your digital retailing so that it satisfies the demands of the market and increasing advancements in technology.

Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

19:39 – Customer Experience – it has gotten better but not enough.
20:25 – Many dealers believe that they have done enough with their process and the way that they treat internet or digital customers. The key here is to do more than enough.
24:04 – You cannot pioneer the future when being a guardian of the past.
25:29 – Customer experience is something that people want and they’ve been asking for a long time.
28:35 – What are some things you can do that would improve the experience beyond what it is right now?
30:11 – What’s one process you find just as that consistent knowledge gap?
30:27 – Most dealers’ process for lead handling hasn’t been examined in the last 5 or 10 years.
31:51 – If your process is exactly the same for every single lead source, there’s room for improvement. Have a good process and execute it against every single lead.
33:08 – If you want to run a dealership that is based on: “We need to get as many leads as we possibly can.” – you must have developed a process of tracking the leads and customer journey.
33:58 – If it were that easy, everybody would be doing it.
35:06 – It’s important for everybody to understand that the process of improvement is never-ending.
35:21 – Retail industry – it’s more complicated today than it has ever been.
36:03 – We’re living through this transformation of the ability to communicate and exchange information quickly.
36:51 – Dealers – they’re clearly disadvantaged from a lot of different perspectives.
37:24 – Most people would believe the Internet made selling cars easier. It made it different but it didn’t make it easier.
41:03 – There are a lot of dealers that believe that their biggest problems are related to something within marketing or advertising. You will never know if any of those, what you consider to be marketing problems, are actually problems because there is no lead handling or tracking process in place.
42:14 – Think about the last negative review you left, and notice all of the ideas that you come up with that would have made that experience better for you. Note those and apply it in your business.
42:45 – You can talk to your team to find ways to discover how to make things better.
43:35 – Sales professional – When was the last time you even just role played the entire process of purchasing a vehicle from your store?
46:38 – Working together in the spirit of partnership with your vendors.
49:54 – We have people problem before we have a process problem.
54:24 – Do Mystery Shop often to evaluate your processes. If you need to go to a third party and you need to pay for that, then pay for somebody to do it honestly.

Customer Experience.

Shaun adds that customer service is the key differentiator between you and your competitors. And it is not just being friendly or being more helpful, it is the whole experience combined including Pre and Post purchase, Product and Dealership experience. If you are in this for the long run and would like to have an edge over your competition, you need to become a service and experience-oriented business.

Develop Processes.

Shaun says the key to success of any business is having a process. And this includes having specific, trackable processes for your marketing, sales, lead and customer journeys and having frequent evaluations of those processes to find ways to improve. If you can’t track a specific process or a campaign – you will not be able to measure it’s effectiveness, performance and understand how to improve.

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