Remember those Columbia-House mailers that you used to get as a kid? Ryan Cote is a VP of the company that was responsible for those! As a third-generation family business, Ballentine specializes in traditional media, but has also evolved into a successful digital shop.

From his unique perspective you’ll learn about how to unify your traditional and digital marketing efforts in order to achieve higher success in your marketing.

Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

03:36 – Try to put a big focus on keeping the team happy. It’s definitely a team effort
05:44 – No one has to always be right.
07:20 – To keep clients happy, make sure that they are seeing the results and successes.
12:51 – Sharing what’s worth sharing.
14:11 – We were trying to go after bigger clients and then naturally we’re just better at serving the smaller ones.
22:20 – Traditional advertising just leads them to the homepage of the website. You just missed an opportunity. Why didn’t you bring them to a specific landing page?
23:35 – Take advantage and put to full use all the tools available to you now.
25:27 – We can integrate print and digital marketing essentially by unifying it and, just going as deep as you can go maximizing your reach.
26:59 – If your customers are typing in the specific make and model, then they’re just prime buyers. They know exactly what they’re looking for, you to need to get it in front of them and get them to come in.
30:16 – SEO is still very important. You want to have that organic presence. You have to have it, but it’s changing. You can’t just rely on SEO. You can’t rely on it solely as your only marketing channel.
34:30 – Google is changing so much and they’re kind of forcing the hands of many people to use paid search because of how much they’re changing organic.
34:41 – I pay attention to algorithm updates, but I don’t get obsessed about it.
35:07 – Make sure your Google my business is completely filled out. Building good links, writing good content, making sure the technical stuff is all taken care of.
35:21 – Google algorithm updates create a lot of white noise and it can be very distracting.
36:12 – Leadership business owners should be investing in is improving themselves, whether it’s education about what’s out there or human behavior or whatever it might be.
37:31 – If you show up with low energy, the rest of the team is going to have low energy.
38:47 – Your main business goal should be just getting clients and keeping clients happy.
39:27 – If you think about what you’re grateful for every day, you automatically just start to your natural thinking that we would naturally think is to look for the positive things.
40:51 – Stop watching night news. Start realizing that it’s entertainment. It’s a business.
42:51 – If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back.
43:50 – Whatever the challenge might be, there are always lessons that make your a stronger individual.
45:44 – You’re in a position where you have the time to sit and feel sorry for yourself. You should be feeling grateful for that.
48:55 – If you keep on breaking your promise to yourself, it’s really hard to show up as the best person possible for yourself and for those around you.
49:14 – The leadership of the business has to have the type of mindset where they are in control.


Ryan says that it is fascinating to see mail advertising still work perfectly after decades when it started. The important lesson we can learn from this is why we shouldn’t be chasing the shiny new tools or tactics. Use the tools available to you know to the fullest. Go deeper instead of wider. Make sure you unify different marketing strategies and channels to create different touchpoints and interactions with your customers as well as to make sure to stay on top of their mind for as long as possible.

Stay in Control.

Ryan adds that leadership of every business need to come in to work with the mindset of being in control. Having the ability to not be distracted by noise and getting things done is essential to the success of the organization. If you show up with low energy, the rest of the team is going to have low energy. If you procrastinate on important tasks by “looking” busy, that is the culture that will dominate your organization’s team as well.

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