Today’s car dealers find it challenging to navigate the jumble of business operations, process, and growth with all of the competing opinions, software, and “solutions” offered to them each day by vendors.

It’s often in the hustle of everything going on that foundational processes often get overlooked, costing dealers millions of dollars in revenue potential.

In this episode, CRM and Dealership Process expert, Rico Olinger shares his advice for dealers who are looking to create a solid foundation that can build perpetual business growth.

Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

1:39 – How did you get into the car business after being a professional chef?
4:57 – What would you say some of the “face palm” fundamental challenges with CRMs you are seeing?
8:54 – There are million different packages on a specific car model. Why is it so difficult to get information from the dealer?
12:21 – What should we be doing in CRMs that we are not currently doing?
18:40 – You’ve got to use the tools at your disposal to their fullest capacity.
24:34 – Is there way to gauge buyer’s journey a little better?
31:08 – Active listening, proactively serving and building relationships of trust with your customers.

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