Season 9

#142: How to Get Better at Business and SEO w/ Rand Fishkin

By October 10, 2018 No Comments

Rand Fishkin from Sparktoro joins Michael Cirillo on the Dealer Playbook PodcastRand Fishkin is no stranger to building thriving companies, and he’s provided us the nitty gritty details of what it takes in his new book, “Lost and Founder.”

Rand is the former CEO and founder of, the world’s leading SEO software company. Recently, Rand stepped away from Moz to start a new venture, SparkToro.

In episode 142, Rand shares insights from the book, as well as ideas about what mindset will help young business people take their career to the next level.

While not specific to retail automotive, those paying attention should be able to grasp some important nuggets that will help them grow.

Of course, you can’t interview Rand Fishkin without asking at least a few questions about search engine optimization. Near the end of the interview, Michael and Rand discuss ways that dealers, car sales pros, and any small business (for that matter) can leverage the current climate of SEO to their advantage.

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