In this episode, Michael provides a logical and straightforward breakdown of attracting more of what you want in life.

Whether it’s better relationships, money, love, happiness, or fulfillment, the secret to getting more of what you want is in your proximity to those things.

Generally speaking, car dealers or car salespeople are looking for quick tactics to help them get more sold units. This episode is about thinking through the actions required to make that happen – it’s about bringing oneself into proximity with the things they want.

If you’re wondering what you can do to accelerate the growth of your career in the car business, listen to this episode of The Dealer Playbook podcast.

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Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

2:31 – Tacts are for people who do not have the discipline to pursue long-term success.
3:16 – The simplicity of proximity and how it relates to your career.
6:55 – Why successful people continue to get success at an accelerated rate?

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