Dealerships with full-service departments have a unique opportunity to maximize customer retention, loyalty, and sales with a few tweaks to their process.

In episode 180, Owen Moon, Founder of Fixed-Ops Digital shares some common sense ways you can get more from your service department regardless of the competition in your market.

Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

01:55 – How do we sell more cars? How do we move more metal?
03:25 – One of the things OEMs have really done wrong is a forecast of vehicle distribution and production.
04:52 – As agencies, we have attribution tools where we can obviously see budget allocation and the level of activity that comes in from different sources.
05:04 – Advertising budget to sell cars often creates more demand for your service department and vice versa. And a lot of businesses really are not understanding where that crossover is.
08:17 – With the wrong attribution, everything’s either a big success or it’s a big failure.
08:35 – Experiment – divert some of that budget out of the new sale, used sales specific and drive it into the service department.
09:13 – No matter how much effort we put in towards sales, marketing and digital marketing and things like that, the customer still has a choice.
10:07 – The way I always start the conversation with dealers today is really talking about the sales side and then bringing it to the service side.
11:29 – Service menu page – If we can drive people into this service menu page and now they have more information, maybe it’s just more services that we offer with transparent pricing, more recommendation of time-frame when the service should be done. Build out a more robust page that’s going to have a lot more information for the customer.
12:51 – Call to actions should all be sales driven.
16:12 – A lot of the OEMs aren’t letting dealerships build standalone sites like Toyota. What we do then is every one of those specials services we put on the service menu page. We build a piece of content behind each one of them.
18:11 – There are no one-size-fits-all marketing strategies.
19:22 – What are your goals and what are your challenges? Where can you win some more business?
19:29 – Focus on those late ownership services: transmission flushes, AC performance checks, etc.
22:54 – Dealerships need to have a voice online.
26:32 – Consumers are starting to really care more about those different services, so we can pull them into an area where they can actually educate themselves.
28:23 – I think more and more we’re realizing in all aspects of life, especially as social media has gotten, that information is everything and transparency needs to happen.
29:25 – What is the goal and what are we trying to accomplish? Are we providing the information to the customer that should be out there right now?
32:15 – What’s the unique selling proposition? Or why should somebody come to your dealership as a customer? Why should they come there to buy a car?
33:27 – There is a lot of power in the service department and there are so many opportunities for dealers to leverage it, to think outside the box to bring in new business and keep business coming back.


Owen says there is no one strategy that will work for every business, even if they are in the same industry. That is why it is so important to fist understand your goals and what you are trying to accomplish. Then look at where you can greatly improve and win some new business and then experiment. Try new things every month and track the results.


Owen adds that it is extremely important to understand your Unique Selling Proposition and make sure that you communicate your USP to your customers with all of your marketing. Why should somebody come to your dealership as a customer? Why should they come there to buy a car? Is it a 24 hour or quick service? Is it the most knowledgable staff in the industry? Do you have all cars or parts in stock at all times? Answer those questions and develop your USP because it is one of those things that can have a major impact on the success of your business and marketing.

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