Michael shares his interview on the AutoRemarketing podcast and then morphs the remainder of episode 157 into a helpful rant about what you should consider before overhauling your website. Learn 4 helpful tips that will help prepare you to improve website performance.

Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

04:22 – How your ideas, skills and the desire to help others can evolve into something significant.
06:30 – Ideas of how dealers can future-proof their business in a way that solves consumer demands while still allowing scalability and growth.
12:02 – Conversion Rate Optimization: The biggest missing link to the success of any website.
13:00 – Switching your website to a different provider.
14:55 – CRO specialists – are the behind the scenes experts that most likely provide the biggest ROI.
16:41 – Technology alone is not the differentiator.
17:50 – It’s not about what you have. It’s about how you’re using what you have. Your website is like a hammer.
18:55 – Conversion rate optimization is crucial. It is an activity that will never conclude because there is always a room for improvement.
20:39 – Nothing of significant importance happens overnight. Give yourself enough time to run tests.
21:26 – Determine a clear plan that maps to your definition of success as it pertains to your website.
21:46 – First thing to do – audit your website.
23:49 – Second thing is to make sure you have access to your data. You need to own and control it.
24:26 – Have goals and conversion values set up in Analytics. Analyze user behavior on your website.
26:51 – Overhauling is the worst thing you could possibly do.
27:12 – You need to determine and understand what exactly is contributing to success or failure. Isolate your tests and changes and keep track on results. Keep them small and one test at a time.
29:30 – You need to give your test or change some time to measure the impact. The more site traffic you get – the less time you will need to measure the impact.
30:08 – There is nothing worse than making a ton of changes and having no clue what the cause and effect is and what impact do they have on your business.
30:15 – CRO – is one of the high impact things you can do in your business that will really help bring the results you desire.

It’s not about what you have.

Michael adds that one of the biggest mistakes dealers and, well just any business owner, make is they run after tactics while ignoring time-proven principles and strategies. With so much choice we have today and dozens of tools for each different thing we want to accomplish – now is the time to pause and actually understand what it is that we would like to improve in our business and how we are going to get there. Just because another shiny platform gets released or claims better result to double their leads when switching to a different platform – we need to understand was the effect caused by a website platform switch or an actual strategy and one you can use with whatever platform you have now to get you the results you need. It’s not about what you have or what others have. It’s about how you use what you have in your disposal.

Measure The Impact.

Michael says that most business owners make changes in their business and website or jump on a new tactic and implement it right away, only to change everything a week later. To get the results we are looking for, we need to become part-time nerds and actually dig deep into user behavior on our website, gather metrics such as conversion rates, clicks, traffic numbers and make small, controlled changes and then measuring the impact while giving these tests enough time to provide us with accurate data. Only then we can make well-informed decisions on what changes or implementations will actually help us grow our businesses.

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