Do you have ideas that you believe will be awesome, but you’ve struggled to get buy-in from your staff or leadership? In this episode, Michael shares some ideas about how to get buy-in from your team so that you can achieve your definition of success within the dealership.

Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

03:56 – How you can convey your intent and build enough equity in the relationship that they want to hear what you have to say.
04:06 – Schedule a meeting with your superior for no more than five minutes. Let them know that you’ve been investing in yourself. You recognize that you could be better and you wanted them and yourself to succeed, put the new you on their radar and follow through on the commitments that you’re telling them that you’re making.
07:07 – Empower your leaders and managers to do their job, which is to lead.
07:26 – Too many people are great at citing the problem and so few are able to think through solutions.
07:41 – A misconception about leaders is that they should always have the answer.
08:39 – The cost of poor communication.
10:18 – When you feel like you’re over communicating, you’re probably just barely communicating enough.
11:12 – Schedule a time with the decision maker.
12:34 – Prepare any needed documents, reports or examples that showcase your idea. Convey the value of whatever it is you’re trying to present in a way that benefits the dealership.
13:54 – It’s all about the packaging.
15:13 – Show that you are a builder contributing to culture, to income or to whatever else you believe they will be receptive to. Demonstrate how much you care. Don’t just say it. You know how the saying goes: Talk is cheap.

Prove Yourself.

As Gary Vee said it best, “Jab, Jab, Right Hook”. You give and lead with value before going to for the ask. If you are an employee and looking to advance and help your dealership to implement your ideas, communicate that value to your management, share your ideas, implement something on the side to prove the concept. Show them that your ideas have potential instead of just talking “We could, We should”. And if you are a leader, give that opportunity and try to find time to schedule these meetings with your employees to listen to them and find those unpolished diamonds before they leave and find a place where they are listened to and have the ability to shine.

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