#120: Create a Thriving Company & Customer Experience w/ Maureen Berkner Boyt

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Maureen Berkner Boyt is the founder of The Moxie Exchange, a leadership and career development firm that helps companies find, train, and empower inclusive teams that win more business.

As a 5x business builder, she knows what it takes to grow a team and customer experience where everyone can thrive. She has proven in her own company that inclusive work environments are the best, and most sustainable way to failproof your business.

In episode 120, Maureen shatters myths about inclusive workplaces. She also lays out the roadmap to make your dealership a more welcoming, customer-centric business. By following what she talks about in this episode, you’ll be on your way to empowering more people and making more money. You’ll also learn about the bias that might be holding you back from achieving success, and what you can do to break through that with some simple cognitive training.

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