So you think you’re going to sit down and talk about SEO trends for car dealers in 2020, but the conversation ultimately ends up with the eery feeling that maybe we’ve created Skynet and didn’t even realize it.

Matt Bertram is a bestselling author and founder of the top-rated SEO firm, eWebResults, and joins us to share his insights and observations about online visibility and what car dealers need to consider in order to be ahead of the curve.

Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

2:19 – What do you see as the trends and things businesses should be focusing on when it comes to SEO in 2020.
10:12 – Is all of our SEO work now is to validate to Google is that we are who claim who we are.
12:38 – Google wants to be the web.
17:08 – Still most businesses only allocate 25% of their marketing budgets to digital.
20:57 – SEO is a foundational spent in digital marketing.
21:15 – What is your buyers’ journey? What is their decision making process?
27:08 – Most sales people are in fact slowing down a buying process.
31:16 – What the power of digital is and how can I leverage it for my business?

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