Lindsey BOOM Shaker, a digital marketer for Shaker Auto Group in New England knows a thing or two about creating content that generates new, repeat, and referral business. Shaker Auto Group is a staple in New England with 7 dealerships and a history spanning eight decades.

In episode 177, Lindsey shares her process for research, development, and optimization of content that helps Shaker’s dealerships rank higher in search engine than the OEMs for which they franchise.

Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

02:51 – I don’t trust the words in advertising because I know how manipulatable they are.
05:54 – A lot of business owners are building their businesses around the platforms they have no control over.
08:17 – Content can be one of the only real differentiators out there.
11:47 – Everybody wants to go viral.
15:56 – Why would you invest all this time researching and analyzing data and not telling anyone about it?
29:11 – Your content differentiates your brand when you do it properly. Dominating your market is to produce content that people actually care about.
31:09 – Automotive marketing is not a real thing. It is just marketing of automobiles. Hashtag #automarketing and #automotivemarketing are not even a thing.
34:31 – Large companies and brands don’t have marketing figured out as well.
36:22 – Manufacturer should be responsible for educating salespeople.
38:25 – Franchisors are trying to preserve the integrity of their brand because they’ve got a lot riding on it. We fail to see how to take their brand requirements as the franchise owner and make that our own as a local business.
39:10 – Dealers need to know enough to push back. Don’t be afraid to communicate, but you have to know enough to go back. Not only do you need to know enough, but you also need to understand.
41:06 – How about we assume that people’s intentions are good and we assume that they come to work to do a good job.
41:10 – OEMs wrongly assume that their brand regulations help you grow your business. They don’t live in your community and know it as well as you do.
47:31 – Path to purchase. What is the information that your customer needs to make the decision but you couldn’t find online?
48:17 – Be able to create aesthetically appealing things for social.
49:17 – The more tentacles that you can have outside of that budget. The more people that are communicating on the line or on social or for you on your behalf, but not only because they have to but because they believe in your message. Ability to communicate on your behalf delivering a greater message is what makes a real impact on your brand’s marketing.

Create Content To Educate.

Lindsey says that creating content should be one of the top priorities of your dealership. Don’t stop at vehicle walkarounds and new inventory updates. Understand your customers and their concerns around your vehicles, the purchase itself, their pain and fears around every aspect of their journey of purchasing and owning a new vehicle and address those on social using videos or posts. Use the content you create in email, on your website, in your ads, on your social media channels. Be omnipresent and most importantly be there to help and guide.

Your Brand Is In Your Hands.

Even though you might be representing an OEM brand, your dealership identity and success is in your hands. Do not rely on your OEM to market you or act in your best interests. Dealers need to understand where OEM’s influence ends, where they should push back to protect their interests and how to continue marketing beyond OEM’s efforts.

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