#129: How to Streamline Your Customers’ Path to Purchase w/ Juan Flores

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Today I’m joined by Juan Flores, Senior Director of KBB Product over at Kelley Blue Book. In this episode Juan is sharing valuable information about how you can streamline your customers’ path to purchase.

Friction during the sales process has long been a challenge for car dealers – one that hasn’t been easy to overcome. While there are many powerful, transparent, and customer-centric dealers out there; the mass media perpetuates only the negative experiences that customers have.

The objective, then, is one of providing a better experience – a streamline experience. One that gives the customer more control and transparency.

“Technology today is making it cost effective for companies to disrupt the automotive industry. The reason it couldn’t be done back in the day is because it was too expensive! The retail store may not realize that the cost of entry has decreased because technology is inexpensive. Today you can facilitate many aspects of the transaction without physically being present at your store.”

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