Bestselling author, Jeff Toister (Getting Service Right, The Service Culture Handbook), joins Michael to share ways in which car dealers can provide a better customer experience. As the founder of Toister Performance Solutions, Jeff’s mission is to help companies improve employee performance, with an exclusive emphasis on helping them develop customer focused cultures.

Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

2:16 – Why is culture the thing you gravitated towards? Let’s define a company culture.
4:54 – We know something has to change in culture. However, a lot of business owners look at change as something daunting. Where do you recommend an organization starts?
10:02 – Can an employee have the power to shift the leader’s trajectory?
16:08 – What is some of the evidence of a poor culture?
18:28 – What is the next step beyond this? Is this something that has to work linearly or are there pieces that can be applied simultaneously?
22:59 – What do you think the logic of incentivized survey scores is, to begin with?
26:51 – Your success has everything to do with building relationships of trust.
29:21 – How many people are you turning off with your behaviour?
36:18 – Have clarity amongst all employees about what customer experience should look like.
38:30 – How do you recommend dealing with toxic employees who are driving a large chunk of revenue?

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