Howard Berg is the fastest reader in the world and joins Michael for the most hands-on learning experience ever produced in The Dealer Playbook history. For Howard, it’s not just about reading. It’s about acquiring new knowledge, and perhaps more importantly, retaining and comprehending it.

In this episode of The Dealer Playbook, Howard shares some incredible exercises that will help you read, retain, and comprehend any information 20 – 40% faster just by the time you’re finished listening to this episode.

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Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

06:45 – To me, you don’t get paid for something you didn’t do.
7:25 – What can we all do to read and learn faster?
09:18 – Most people read as fast as they talk.
11:29 – The challenge with communication happening via the written word is the writer’s ability to convey a message in writing. And then, the reader’s ability to comprehend what was written.
11:59 – Many battles have been triggered because somebody didn’t understand what was being written.
14:20 – One word and instantly everything that was confusing will be effortlessly understood.
15:56 – There’s so much information that most people don’t even know where to begin.
17:14 – The five most important tips to help you comprehend the most important information.
18:18 – Live Exercise: The Blue Color Quiz. The minute I closed my eyes, my brain continued to amplify these blue objects so that I wouldn’t forget them. This is what you can do when reading to remember important information.
19:46 – You had to see thousands of other people who you didn’t know. But only when you saw someone you knew, your brain says, look who’s here ignoring everyone else. It looks for what matters, what’s important and ignores everything else because it doesn’t matter.
23:52 – You’ll be able to read as fast as you’re listening.
25:42 – It’s not just about selling cars. It’s about improving our lives in a way that we can think bigger, reach higher, live happier and all by leveraging our career in the retail auto industry.
27:29 – Remember 10% of what you read, but 90% of what you say and do.
29:43 – People learn better when they’re having fun and laughing.
35:00 – We need to teach people how to remember what we need them to know, not just what they need to know. And then we would have higher success rates.
37:33 – Learn about the prospect and use what you’ve learned to guide them to make a good decision about buying a car.
38:01 – How does emotional intelligence apply to all of this stuff?
42:09 – How to wake up feeling great.
42:38 – You could create the perfect salesman, the super salesman with this simple exercise.
44:59 – Learn how to apply this strategy and how to be in the right frame of mind to use it convincingly with your customers to close more sales.


Howard says that while it is extremely important to read, we should also not forget that we read to learn. In this episode, Howard takes us through several live exercises that will help you read so much faster, improve your ability to learn and, importantly, remember the new material better.


Howard adds that we remember 10% of what we read but 90% of what we say and do. Make your training and learning fun for yourself and your staff and watch the retention of information skyrocket while reducing the time it takes to go through the reading.

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