#124: How to Build a Juggernaut Dealership w/ Frank J. Lopes

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Frank J. Lopes is the Vice President of Forrest & Blake Advertising and focuses exclusively on the retail automotive industry. In episode 124, Frank teaches the best way to filter out the noise of the retail car business so that you can focus on building the best dealership you can build. Side note: there is no BS, just straight shooting here.

During our conversation, I asked Frank what dealers could do to reset the state of affairs in their dealership – to eliminate the clutter (so to speak) and start over. Franks answer is both common-sense and practical, but with the caution that it will require real work.

Step 1: Dealers have to do a tremendous amount of self reflection to determine what their goals are. It’s not good enough to say you want more leads, you need to be much more specific than that. Until you know for  fact what you want to achieve, it will be difficult for you to verbalize your vision.

Step 2: Do your own research before you start talking to vendors. You need to be prepared and equipped with your own knowledge and at least a baseline understanding of how things work to ensure that you’re not getting scammed.

Step 3: Take a look in the mirror to honestly identify your own strengths and weaknesses. If you don’t have clear expectations of yourself, how can you have realistic expectations of those that work for you?

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