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Elise Kephart is one of the foremost experts when it comes to phone and video training for car dealers. Having honed her skills on the front lines working at a Honda store in central California, Elise brings a unique perspective and an authenticity to video and phone training that can’t be disputed.

While many of you might know Elise specifically from her phone scripts and phone training workshops, Episode 101 dives deeper on how to use video as a sale and follow up tool.

Episode 101 covers a variety of strategies that you can start implementing today to get more from your sales efforts. Elise mentions how effective video is at getting attention, building trust, and helping your customers feel more confident working with you.

This day in age, there is so much clutter in the automotive industry. Customers are struggling to know who to work with. With the perpetually negative remarks from the mass media about car dealers, now is the time (more than ever) to prove why you can be trusted and why people should want to work with you.

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