Welcome to “The Dealer Playbook session #49 and we are so glad you are here. We have a exciting session on deck for you today and we are excited to dive in!

You are going to love our guest today. In this session we are sitting down with the brilliant Marcus Sheridan of The Sales Lion and he is dropping some powerful insight and nuggets that will help grow your business.

Here is a little bit about our guest Marcus Sheridan

Marcus Sheridan, with boundless energy and contagious enthusiasm, helps business embrace the power of inbound and content marketing. The Sales Lion website is a information hub for small/ medium business owners who are lovers of personal development. The Sales Lion helps individuals and business alike throughout the world find more ways to be successful in their sales/marketing/web 2.0 efforts.

Here is a quick preview of what you will learn more about here.

Addressing the buyers fears

Marcus goes into detail about how used car giant Car Max embraced reality, identified their customers fears and offered solutions to eliminate those fears.

Understanding todays consumers buying habits

The habits and routines of car buyers is obviously changed over the years. Marcus goes deep into how consumer ignorance is not a viable sales and marketing strategy.

Why you need to have the teachers mentality

Be the go to source of information in your market. Your site needs to be the Wikipedia of its industry. Marcus gives some awesome examples and tips of how you need to be a teacher in your market.

That is just a quick preview of some of the power bombs Marcus Sheridan drops on this DPB session.

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