[spp-player url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/dealerplaybook/Cory_Mosley_mixdown.mp3″] You ever hear someone say “It’s time to go back to the basics”? What does that mean exactly? Do we really think that just going back to the basics is the solution for growth in business?

In this episode of “The Dealer Playbook” podcast we welcome sales trainer Cory Mosley who is talking about how auto dealers need to think forward and outside the box in todays market for growth in their business.

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If you are not familiar with Cory Mosley he is the founder of Mosley Automotive a sales training company headquartered in Richmond VA. Cory also is the creator of Mosley 24/7 a video on demand training solution for next level automotive professionals.

In this session you will learn more about:

– FMA ” First Mover Advantage”

– Not following the pack and doing what your competitors are not

– How to not have a “back to the basics” mentality

– Looking outside the auto industry for inspiration

– Adding new skills to your people that they have never had before

– The break down in your training process

All that and so much more are packed into this episode with Cory Mosley.

We all know by now that the “basics” are still important for any business or industry but are not the formula for massive growth in your business.

Where to get more of Mr. Cory Mosley:

Cory Mosley’s Website 

Cory’s Twitter 

Make sure to comment first below on your thoughts about this session and you might be the lucky one to get a signed copy of his new book ” The Way I See It”.

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