Success and change in your organization start with you as a leader. Doug Lipp shares his inspirational story about how the world’s most notable organizations promote better employee culture and customer experience. Doug explains the most critical elements of being a successful leader in a way that is achievable no matter the size or structure of your dealership.

Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

4:20: – Safety, Courtesy, Show, Efficiency in employee training as 4 keys to success. How to create the happiest place on earth.
6:04 – Where does an organization start to implement these principles. Start with an end in mind.
6:40 – Simplify the life of the employees to simplify and improve the customer experience.
8:10 – Best organizations set clear expectations during the interview process to choose the best employees and ensure a perfect fit.
11:05 – How to make the shift in employee culture within your organization.
12:20 – If you can’t lead by example why should your employees do that? Shift starts with your own goal as a leader.
15:00 – All change starts at the top with self-reflection. Be honest with yourself. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses.
18:05 – How to stand out in your industry and distant yourself from the competition by leading with change.

Hiring right employees is the foundation for success

Doug adds that by being clear on what is expected from the potential candidate during the interview process makes it easier to hire the right employees and create a better culture within an organization. This, in turn, creates a better customer experience.

Change starts with you

Doug says the most successful leaders start with their own goals first prior to setting goals for their employees. It pays off to maximize your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

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