#96: How to Make Your Direct Mail Marketing Even Stronger w/ David Villa

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You can’t talk about marketing a local business without addressing direct mail marketing tips in 2016.

In Episode 96, David Villa from Imperial Press Direct shares some of his best insights about direct mail and the important role it plays in your advertising and marketing mix.

Direct Mail Marketing Key Takeaways:

1.) Direct Mail Marketing best works when you target a relevant audience and make an appropriate offer. To get the most sustainable results from your campaign, you need to take the time to properly target your audience. As is commonly the first step in any marketing campaign, knowing about your target audience will help you create messaging that resonates with them. Often, businesses spend the money hoping to attract an audience with generic messaging. This is not the best approach.

2.) With advancements in technology, it’s easier to track the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign. It’s important to track results so that you know where to adjust your marketing efforts moving forward. Between call-tracking, behavior tracking and the slew of other metrics to keep an eye on, direct mail marketing is easier tracked today than ten years ago. Using data to make informed decision, you will be able to figure out how to make your campaign more effective on the next run.

3.) Direct Mail Marketing works best with shot-to-the-arm offers. While you could use it to drive awareness, David Villa suggests that the cost may detour people from using it strictly as an awareness play. This is where takeaways one and two come into play. Since direct mail does cost more than digital marketing, it’s important to know who you’re speaking to and what offer you can make them that will encourage them to take action.

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