Darren Shaw, founder of White Spark, is a leader in the Local SEO arena. Michael and Darren share ideas, along with tactical strategies that dealerships can deploy to increase rankings and local search prominence. Darren lists 5 high priority things dealers can do immediately to help dominate the web.

Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

05:11 – Things that you do for a dentist or the same things you do for an auto dealer, it’s the same work in local search.
05:26 – Citations – Why are they so important for a local business? Why are they so important to Google?
06:15 – Citations can be thought of as mentions of your business on the web and they are quite easy to create.
06:47 – The more places that your business information shows up online, the more prominent you look.
10:00 – What auto dealers should be doing is creating a separate Google business listing for each of their primary departments. Oil changes, auto repair, tire changes, service.
13:02 – The core of Google algorithm has not changed very much over time.
14:47 – Google basically wants to be the internet.
15:24 – Google is looking for businesses that are being actively engaged with by users. Recycle your content.
19:21 – Continue doing both Google My Business listing and Facebook, but don’t put all your eggs in the Facebook basket. Take anything you’re putting up on Facebook and stick it over on Google as well.
19:46 – Most Google posts expire after seven days. Product post stays forever.
21:24 – It’s Google’s world and you’ve kind of got to play by their rules.
24:41 – The prices of things and services in the auto industry are twice to four times as much as they are in every other industry.
27:57 – Always write really high-quality content for your website.
30:21 – Pro Tip: Mention the primary key phrase in your content, like four times. Mention the related phrases like two or three times each.
33:20 – It’s not just about ranking positions, it’s about ranking for search terms your ideal client is searching for.
36:32 – Make sure you fill out every single field in your Google Business Listing. Start adding your products and add lots of photos and videos on a regular basis.
38:22 – Don’t just start pumping garbage content into your blog. Try to build out your make and model pages, about us pages, staff pages, pages about all your services and then you focus on your blog.
39:24 – The biggest S.E.O. strategy is in local sponsorships (brand awareness) and web link building.

Play By The Rules

Darren adds that Google wants to and is becoming “the internet”. Google wants to provide the most relevant results to the users’ search queries. That is why it is extremely important to follow Google’s rules, practices and use all the tools that Google offers to feed that data Google needs to serve it’s users and provide the most relevant search results.

With Customer In Mind

Darren says that although it is important to rank on Google, it is even more important to actually rank for the exact terms your potential customer will be searching for. Darren also shares his strategies on how to rank a website on Google, use Google My Business listings and create brand awareness with sponsorships.

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