Dan Collingridge is a leader in the Utah tech scene with a deep knowledge of marketing technology and its applications for business. As the CTO of several tech startups, Dan utilizes the skills acquired from when he managed global teams for a multi-billion dollar tech company.

In this episode you’ll discover how to make the most of the technology in your store as well as Dan’s wisdom about A.I. and how it is being used to maximize business growth.

Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

06:13 – There is no overnight success, but there are success stories with an incredible amount of work behind those accomplishments.
10:27 – Failures are just as important as your success. The key is, especially with business relationships, is you have to be willing to go through both of those. So many people, they fail once and through personality issues or conflicts or whatever it is, they quit.
15:41 – In the end, I am not going to then determine my success in my life on how successful I was in business. That’s not going to be my measure of success.
17:11 – A much more powerful thing when you go home to your significant other who supports you and nurtures you as much as you nurture them because that just elevates your entire game. Sometimes our wives are well ahead of us dragging us forward. It would sound completely ridiculous to suggest that you and I see our wives not as the battery pack, but literally the power source of everything we’re able to do.
20:57 – Why are we still suck so bad at technology specifically like online marketing and marketing technology? Why do we still encounter these problems that we encounter today that just makes no sense?
22:48 – There are really so few professionals that actually understand and can execute at a really high level and technology. The second is that there is a huge divide between those that use technology and those that create it and everybody needs somebody that they know that can kind of fill that gap for them, that understands both sides of it.
24:02 – Is there some disconnect there? If I’m developing something, I should actually be using it as well. There are technology people building new tools and then there are people selling it and they’re the people using it.
26:04 – The actual definition of artificial intelligence is that a computer is performing tasks that normally would require humans intelligence to do. Computers are processing that data and performing tasks based on that. Self-driving cars are one example where there’s just a whole bunch of data and then there’s a computer making decisions based on that data.
28:02 – AI is as smart as the person who creates it.
31:33 – How can a dealer know who they’re signing up with and they’re going to be partnering with that can help bridge that gap for them?
32:19 – You need to be able to look beyond the features that you’re being sold. Spend enough time talking through your problems with them. Are they actually listening to you?
35:45 – You should not be waiting for anything new to be able to make success happen for yourself. Most people running a business are always looking for the next big thing? What’s the next big thing? Almost always they’re not using what they currently have to the fullest potential and effectiveness that they can.
40:18 – What are some of the best things they could be doing from an inventory side of things to be more effective at this whole online e-commerce thing?
42:02 – We try to do so many other things that we think are going to work whereas we should focus on some of the more basic principles that might not have been as a direct answer as you were looking for.
44:43 – Content that’s going to help you build authority, build a reputation. Why does that help? Because you’re being useful and providing none of this content that people are doing where they just talk about themselves, but just truly useful information that’s going to help enhance the buyer’s path to purchase.
46:14 – If you don’t have somebody that can really interpret it the right way and help you wade through it, you’re just gonna feel overwhelmed.
46:45 – I think so many people can get lost in the data easily because you tried to do way too many things at once. Try to do 10 different things at once, you’re never going to know which one is going to affect your business. Get focused on one or two things, see how it goes and then focus on one or two more.
50:45 – We actually have a written process that we go through any time that somebody switches from another platform to ours. Sometimes you know they got hooked on a better pitch and they gotta go. We make it as easy as possible because at the end of the day, beyond the money, we care more about that individual care more about that relationship.
53:28 – If you’re a technology guy, disruption is huge for you. You want to do things, you don’t just want to do what everybody else is doing. I think any company that’s out there trying to do things a little differently is going to have a positive impact.
55:21 – Who is the person that comes into your mind as the winner of social media?
57:55 – Challenges are good. It means you are still growing and alive.
59:10 – Don’t limit your dreams.


Dan says that most business owners get overwhelmed quickly because they try to do 10 things at once without actually measuring data and having a pulse on their business to see what actually impacts them the most. You need to really focus on 1 or 2 changes/improvements in your business at a time and see how each affects your business before doing anything else. Measure results and do more of what works.


Dan adds that you should not be waiting for anything new to be able to make success happen for yourself. Most people running a business are always looking for the next big thing to take any action. Almost always they’re not using what they currently have to the fullest potential and effectiveness that they can. Focus on what can you do to improve your business using what you already have, like your team, improving customer experience, taking your online and social presence to the next level. And only once you have a developed system for the customer journey from prospect to a buyer, look into paid channels to scale that system.

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