Christine Mitchell, a.k.a, The Car Lady is known for filling dealerships with loyal repeat and referral customers by hosting “Know Your Car Nights” within the dealership. In episode 158, you’ll learn how her strategy is responsible for enhancing the customer experience, drives business, and creates an atmosphere that shatters common industry perceptions.

Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

5:45 – If you don’t retain the customers you get, your business will not grow.
07:56 – Creating an opportunity to bring the customer back after the sale.
08:02 – Thank customers for their business and continue to try to earn their business by offering, showing them all the services and features the dealership has to offer. People want to be thanked for their business and they want to do business with friends.
9:01 – Introduce to your customers everything your dealership has to offer and educate them to make sure they get the full experience of owning the vehicle they bought from you.
12:56 – Dealership need somebody that knows how to stand in front of a room of people and actually educate their customers on how to get the most out of their vehicles and the services your dealership has to offer.
13:28 – Dealership – our business should be to educate and entertain.
15:09 – Find ways to make your customers are more willing to submit reviews or give feedback or fill out a survey on their experience.
16:20 – Use events at your dealership to get more Google/Facebook/Yelp reviews by asking them in an entertaining way.
19:03 – Offer your guests a gift or some sort of appreciation for coming to your dealership event.
22:33 – Give people a better feeling about where they’re buying. Get the customer into the store to actually see what you have to offer. Builds a relationship with the customer.
30:41 – Invite other people that have already purchased from other places into your dealership and educate them on their cars and build those relationships.

Customer Retention.

Christine adds that one of the biggest mistakes dealers and, well just any business owner, make is they focus on the sale rather than focusing on the relationship and to make sure that that customer comes back, refers other customers and genuinely enjoys doing business with you. This is how true loyal fans of your company are born who remain your customers for the longest time. Most marketing budgets are wasted when the entire effort is put towards making a sale and none towards keeping those customers and turning them into repeat buyers.

Educate Your Customers.

Christine says that educating and training your customers about your businesses, your products, services and the best ways to use them to get the most benefit out of them is the best way to increase customer loyalty and retention.

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