Brian Benstock is the Vice President and General Manager of Paragon Honda–the #1 Honda store in the world. From personal experience, Brian shares valuable insights into how dealers can adapt and evolve in the digital age. Rather than trying to keep up, dealers can get ahead and dominate.

Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

01:54 – Maintaining control, taking action, being the actor instead of being acted upon.
04:30 – Be able to adjust and to provide the solution for your customers. Make sure that you stay relevant to your customers’ needs.
05:01 – The only person that likes change is a wet baby. Nobody likes change.
05:36 – Treat your customers the way they should be treated – like gold.
10:23 – Dealers – if they don’t get an immediate return on investment, they think like they’re in danger.
10:44 – The reality is a lot of disruptors are going into the business and they know it takes a lot of time to change how we serve customers and buying decisions.
13:09 – Leverage existing technologies, tools and existing customer experiences to create your own unique and thereby disruptive, customer experience.
18:16 – Do not throw the towel if you’re not getting immediate results.
18:49 – Investments that you’re making on the front end consumer experience have legitimate ripple effects throughout all facets of your dealership.
19:11 – User experience is what improves your customer royalty.
22:13 – Customers want it on their terms. They want shared control of the process.
24:33 – We have changing consumer expectations and the salespeople that don’t know what they’re doing.
25:59 – The longer it’s easy, the longer it’s going to be hard.
26:36 – There would be tremendous opportunities created by the difficulties in the industry.
28:29 – We’ve got to put in the work. The training is hard – the fight is easy.
29:52 – The easiness of the way will eventually make it seem difficult and then will make it seem impossible. Get prepared.
33:23 – Raise the expectations to do more.
34:14 – Move with intention, move with purpose.

Customers’ Expectation Are Changing

Brian adds that now more than ever customers want to be part a bigger control of the process. They want it on their terms. It is absolutely crucial to be able to adjust and to provide a relevant solution for your customers’ needs and meet these changing expectations and demand. User experience is what improves your customer royalty.

Training is Hard – the Fight is Easy

Brian says that with how rapidly industries are changing and being disrupted, it is more important than ever to invest into your operations and staff to meet the change fully equipped and prepared. Do not throw the towel if you’re not getting immediate results. Empower your staff and raise expectations to help them achieve more.

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