Intangibles matter! Brandin Wilkinsin shares his inspirational story about how he was able to triple the profit of his dealership by focusing on building authentic relationships with customers. Brandin explains the most critical elements for becoming a successful car salesman or even growing the entire dealership.

Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

4:05 – Don’t be afraid. Have the courage to power through. Do it! and you’re going to be really surprised and grateful for the response you’ll get.
5:48 – Intangibles matter: delivering an authentic message and helping people. Values, teamwork, culture and overcoming adversity drives the success of the dealership.
9:35 – Don’t compromise your integrity or core values for a deal or for the sake of marketing.
14:50 – How to triple your profit: Show appreciation for your clients business by sending a special custom gift in the mail to build strong and authentic relationships.
19:30 – Your customers are real people. They’re not transactions. Employ a relationship style of selling not a transactional.
20:20 – Build relationships of trust to grow your business.
21:48 – Look for inspiration to grow your business from books outside of your industry.
22:20 – We are too busy working IN the business and we often forget to work ON the business.
23:00 – Don’t do what the competition is doing. Do your own thing.
23:30 – Have a meaningful interaction with people and it’s going to pay you back dividends. Be a good human being, care about people, pay attention to them.
25:25 – Pay attention to your clients, show that you’re listening to them and not just in it for the sale.
26:15 – Be attentive. Attention to detail is what will separate you from everybody else.
27:05 – Listen to what the client is saying. If you pay attention, it will open opportunities that are available to you.
33:35 – Success is 80% percent mindset and 20% percent skill.
36:50 – Financial intelligence – you must pay yourself first before you pay your bills.
39:30 – Being a good person. That’s actually what’s going to help you achieve success for the long term.

Intangibles matter

Brandin adds that it is essential for any dealership or car salesmen to start building genuine relationships with their clients. Listen to what the client is saying. If you pay attention, this will open a flood of opportunities available to you.

Being a good person

Brandin says that if you are really in your industry for a long run, if want to achieve success and make a difference – a sure way to success just to be a good person, don’t compromise your integrity for a sake of a deal, develop authentic and genuine relationships with your customers.

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